Goal provides leadership skills training and essential skills development to all individuals and companies.

Leadership skills training and skills development

What do we do

Goal provides leadership skills training and essential skills development to all individuals and companies.

We provide professional support, high impact learning solutions to meet the current and future challenges of the organisation. We aim to achieve a culture of excellence by synergising individual and organisational goals. Our programmes are specially crafted to provide the right dose of interactions and impact that helps to develop the right skills and behaviour for participants to perform at their best. Each programme is customisable to your organisation’s needs and ultimate goals.

self leadership development program

Goal Essential

Goal Essential is a self-leadership development program designed for executives to prepare themselves for a leadership role in the future. With proper learning framework added to the structure Goal Essential is set to transfer knowledge, skills and attitude to the participants through our experienced trainer and activity based learning method.

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Emerging Leaders Development programme

Emerging Leaders Development programme

Emerging Leader Development Programme is designed to help early to mid-career professionals build knowledge, skills, and abilities in people and functional management that managers need to know to be successful.

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John C. Maxwell Leadership Programme

The Coach Leader Development

The Coach Leader Development Programme will equip your team with the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to turn your salary-driven teams into vibrant and successful growth players. Based on John C. Maxwell Leadership Programme our certified coach will share how you can move beyond theoretical to the very practical ‘how to’ of coaching.

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PEOPLElogy Group is a PEOPLE development solution provider with a passion in building successful organisation. We understand the challenges and what it takes as we have been in the industry for 18 years (since 2002). Based on this experience, we empower, develop and motivate people through our uniquely unconventional framework coupled with innovative learning modalities to kick-start their leadership, technical and professional skills to influence others and forge extraordinary teams


“I have a more positive mindset after attending this programme. I am able to handle my work situation better and deal with my clients more effectively. It was a very meaningful experience in my career to be part of this programme and it had benefit me a lot for me to achieve greater heights. Definitely recommend this programme”

Madavan Govindan, Assistant Manager

“My main issue was to improve on my communication skills and decision making. As a first timer, it was really an eye opening experience for me to be in this programme. The trainers gave good vibe and positive atmosphere. Their knowledge me as we use real-life application and examples. It gave me confidence and make ma want to achieve greater heights in my career.”

Jacky Wong, Cold Drink Executive

“We were having problems in achieving our monthly sales target and facing however, after attending the course, I gain a lot of ideas to brainstorm with my team to achieve our goals. I have attended several training programmes before but I find that this programme is different from others where they offer more practical solutions on our everyday challenges. I definitely learned a lot from this programme.”

Tan Tiong Lin, Sales Team Leader

“The best training I’ve attended so far! What makes it unique is that I can apply both the knowledge in my work as well as personal. I need to change my “Boss” character to “Coach” behaviour and this programme identifies with my needs and Gilbert really helps a lot in my coaching journey.”

Product Development Senior Manager, Munchy Food Industries

“The programme applies to all our daily work and I get to work more efficiently as a result of attending this training. The session was great, very interactive and the activities were close to real life work issues. Overall, it was an exciting journey for me and I get to communicate with people from other teams within the company too. Highly Recommended!”

Chong Lee Khim, Air Freight Manager