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Shared Goal

Are you using a Shared Goal effectively to motivate your workforce?

Although survey found that employees consider shared goal to be twice as important as traditional motivators like compensation, however many said they struggle to feel connected to their company's goal and performed with low motivation and engagement.



Respondents felt fully connected to a shared goal.



Respondents could clearly see the value they create.



Respondents said their jobs allow them to fully leverage personal strengths.



Respondents believed they contribute to company success.



Respondents felt somewhat passionate about their jobs.



Respondents were somewhat motivated.

Our experience told that effective goal setting and execution motivate employees to perform at the required goal level. With our LOOVE model, we have successfully helped our customers in developing a passionate, productive, and goal-driven team that leads to both personal and organizational success.

“Goals not only affect behaviour as well as job performance, but they also help mobilize energy which leads to a higher effort overall. Higher effort leads to an increase in persistent effort.”

Edward Locke and Gary Latham (1990)


We believe in goals that drive people motivation and determination to achievements. We realize every individual and company holds a set of unique values that are derived from their strengths and belief. And these values equip both individuals and companies to set realistic goals that lead to success.


We appreciate Human Asset as they are the heartbeat of the company. Our mission is to help our customers to identify their valuable Human Assets based on their strengths and turn them to be the biggest competitive advantage of our customers.

“To remain competitive today, firms need the valuable expertise and the enthusiastic commitment of employees at every level. If handled properly, effective goal setting will enable the organisation to benefit from both.”

Humphreys (2003)


Our Leadership Programs are designed for different levels of leaders that help company to prepare and grow their Talents with a more progressive and effective approach.

Goals Essential

An individual leadership development program designed for individual to prepare themselves for a leadership role in the future.

Level: Individual & Future Leader Program

Emerging Leader

A leadership program designed to help early to mid-career professionals in building knowledge, skills, and abilities in people and functional management for their future success.

Level: Mid Level Management Program

Coach Leader

The Coach Leader Development Program will equip your team with the skills, tools, knowledge, and confidence to turn your salary-driven teams into vibrant and successful growth players.

Level: Senior & Top Management Program
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