Coach Leader Development

Coach Leader Development Program equips your team with skills, tools, knowledge, and confidence. It helps in converting your team from a salary driven teams into a vibrant and successful goal driven players.

Employee Satisfaction and Talent Retention can be Difficult to Manage in the Digital Era

57% Malaysian Employers listed employee dissatisfaction with pay as the main cause for high staff turnover rate


Employers have been using financial incentives such as increasing promotion opportunities.


Employers paying higher than
market rate wages.


Employers implementing
retention bonuses.

Instead of paying, we believed in mindset that drives individual passionate to develop a long-term working relationship. Our Coach Leader Development is a leadership program that specially designed to help leaders in coaching their employees and turn them from a money-driven to a goal-driven individual.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

John C. Maxwell


The program leaning method is incorporated with our result proven framework: Discovery, Development and Digitalization, to ensure our people development solutions are delivered effectively. A pre-assessment session that helps in identifying the challenges and requirements of our customers will be conducted to facilitate our consultant in designing a more focusing and goal-driven program. A final review will be conducted to ensure our participants learnt and applied the knowledge gained into their real life experience.

“Good Leadership is not about advancing yourself. It’s about advancing your team”

John C. Maxwell


Key competencies and knowledge you will gain:

  • Take 100% responsibilities for your life.
  • Build self-esteem and remove roadblocks.
  • Clarify your purpose, mission, and vision.
  • Set specific, measurable goals.
  • Visualise and affirm your desire outcomes.
  • Apply the Law of Attraction.
  • Create an action plan for goal achievement.
  • Take massive action.
  • Ask for and respond to feedback.
  • Perseverance mindset.
  • Reap the rewards, celebrate your successes, and have an “attitude of gratitude”.

Module 1

Leadership Quality: Real Success

Module 2

Leadership Strategies: Leadership Goal

Key competencies and knowledge you will gain:

  • Leading people starts with leading SELF.
  • Listening, the power of Leadership.
  • Utilising, the value of you and the team strengths.
  • Trust, the relationship that gains high commitment.
  • Understand the reality of mistakes.
  • Appreciation that gets people going.
  • Connection, the key success factor for a successful leader.
  • Talent retention, a process but not a destination.

Key competencies and knowledge you will gain:

  • Establish personal credibility and increase the comfort level along the communication.
  • Improve communication skills to discover the true needs of negotiation.
  • Recognise infusing tactics and develop appropriate response as a strategies of Influence.
  • Reach mutually beneficial conclusion using the influence skills.
  • Differentiate a team-based and individual approach of communication and apply effectively.

Module 3

Leadership Communication: How to be a Person of Influence

Module 4

Leader Lead Leader: Coaching for Higher Performance

Key competencies and knowledge you will gain:

  • Learn how coaching fits into the contemporary leadership models.
  • The meaning of “becoming” an effective coach.
    Have a complete understanding on Coaching for High Performance Model.
  • What is Grow Model?
  • The 3 roles of coaching: Teacher, Guide and Facilitator.
  • Acquire the 4 essential skills: Listening, Questioning, Feedback and Challenge.
  • The heart of coaching: Rapport Building.
  • Create an implementation plan for immediate action and impact with your team.


This is the best training I’ve attended so far! What makes it unique is that I can apply the knowledge on both work and my personal life. I learnt that I need to change my “Boss” character to the “Coach” behaviour. My needs of improvement were identified throughout the program and the Coach had really helped me a lot along the journey.

Product Development Senior Manager

The content of this program is relevant to my job. Now I have a better understanding of how to be a better Coach and Mentor. It was a wonderful learning session especially for the group discussion among the Coach and all the participants. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends.

Serene Khaw

This is an all-rounded leadership program that utilized the great inside-out training approach. It was very approachable and fun during the course. I particularly like the follow up session that we were given a one-to-one consultation session with the Coach to discuss about our challenges. I witnessed the professionalism of the Coach who helped me in improving my confidence to coach my team. I will recommend this program to whoever likes to polish their leadership skill.

Alicia Goh
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