The Coach Leader Development Programme

Executive coaching is a powerful tool for cultivating talent and enhancing work performance. In today’s competitive corporate world, executive coaching has become a popular method for corporations to develop key talent and prepare the next generation of leaders to take on bigger role and responsibilities in the organization.

There is not a universal agreement yet on the definition of coaching. Mentors, counsellors, trainers and business consultants have all adopted the coaching label without changing the work they do. It can be very hard to sort all this out, but in all of the executive coaching programmes that have been set up and delivered in companies, there is always an element of ‘know yourself’ in them whether it be managerial styles, leadership style, learning styles and etc.

The Coach Leader Development Programme will equip your team with the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to turn your salary-driven teams into vibrant and successful growth players. Based on John C. Maxwell Leadership Programme our certified coach will share how you can move beyond theorical to the very practical ‘how to’ of coaching.

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Leadership Quality & Real Success

Leadership Quality: Real Success

Leadership Strategies

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Leadership Communication & How to be a person of influence

Leadership Communication: How to be a person of influence

Coaching for higher performance

Leader Lead Leader: Coaching for higher performance

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