Is the New Normal
affecting your business?

As an economic crisis looms amid the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide have been scouring for ways to stay afloat after many have succumbed. A recent survey on 670 companies in Malaysia by EY revealed the following:

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Local Listed Companies (LLCs) reported connectivity and communication issues with clients, customers, staff etc.

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Companies experienced business disruptions

In these difficult times, you must decide if you’re going to continue doing business the old way, or if you’re going to change how things run in your company to continue staying relevant in years to come

It’s your responsibility as a leader to coach purpose

Digital communication SOPs is a MUST in this age
You’ll first need to change the way you and your people think
You’ll need to find people with 21st century skills
16.53 million Malaysians purchase stuff online. This is where you need to advertise
That’s because you lack influence in the digital space

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Getting used to the new normal is not easy either as it comes with three Big Challenges!

Digital Disruption:

Many still are not ready for digitalization

SOPs and operations:

The New Normal require brand-new working arrangements

Achieving targets:

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Learn From

  • Client’s are looking for smarter service providers: Companies that do not adapt to the shifting working nature will find themselves left out
  • Its the only way to penetrate larger markets worldwide: Companies with 21st Century working skills are what clients look for when forming partnerships
  • Your profit will be multiplied much faster: Smarter solutions increases profitability

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