Goal Essential Leadership

The Goal Essential Program is an individual leadership development program designed for individuals to prepare themselves for a leadership role in the future.

With the increase in turnover, employers find it hard to fill vacancies due to the inability to find a quality candidate that suits their budget.

Did you know that self-leadership talent can be developed from your internal team and become a valuable renewable resource?

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of employers said that employee dissatisfaction with a lack of career progression opportunities contributes to a high turnover rate.

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of employees wanted learn skills that helped them to perform better in their current role.

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of employees believed that learning improved their ability to adapt to change.

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of managers agreed that their direct reports who spend more time learning have higher employee satisfaction scores.

While surveys reveal employees are aggressively upskilling themselves to adapt to the changes in the technology era, many are still facing challenges in the shift of roles due to inadequate skill sets and mental unpreparedness. Hence, our Goal Essential Program is designed with a strong foundation to help individuals cultivate the right mindset that supports self-development and makes them future-proof assets.

Cultivate your
"inner game"

A pandemic requires a different set of skills: a combination of both “outer game” (e.g., high performance, industry domain expertise, etc.) and “inner game” (a sense of purpose, service, personal resilience, mastery and agility). If you have the foundations of a great inner game, you can learn new skills and manage the outer game of leadership. “

Leena Nair

Method of Program Learning

The program learning method is incorporated with our result-proven framework: Discovery, Development, and Digitalization, to ensure our people development solutions are delivered effectively. The pre-study and customization are the first steps in the solution route map that help to identify the challenges and requirements of our customers. The program will be started based on the customized solution, and a range of reviews and evaluations will be conducted to ensure the trainees’ required skills are well developed and successfully adopted by the individual.

“Organizations need a shift from a command-and-control mentality to a leadership style that empowers people and trusts them to get on with the work.”

Peter Thomas

0 %

of executives appreciated soft skills capability and said that it was difficult to find staff with good soft skills.

Our Four Successive Modules

Personal Effectiveness and Self-Mastery

Empower individual contributors with the self-leadership skills and mindset and build a healthy and empowered workforce that is accountable, innovative, and productive.


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