Emerging Leader

Emerging Leader Development Program is a Management Leadership Training Program that designed to help early to mid-career professionals in building team management skills that lead to a successful executive transition.

Executive Transitions are High-Stakes and High-Tension Events that can cause to unexpected Low Performance and even Loss of Talents


Higher likelihood that teams will meet their 3 years performance goals.

Successful Transition Result


Lower team attrition risk while team’s discretionary effort is 2% higher, and  5% more than average revenue and profit will be generated by the team.

Successful Transition Result


Less team engagement.

Unsuccessful Transition Result


Lower team performance and 20% of the team members are more likely to be disengaged or to leave the organization.

Unsuccessful Transition Result

We understand the paint of executive transition, hence we design our Emerging Leaders Development Program that consists of people and functional management skills that all managers need to know to make them a successful leader.

“People skills are more and more important in an era where we have powerful and pervasive technology. It sounds counterintuitive, but to beat the bot, you need to be more human.”

Paul Roehrig


The program leaning method is incorporated with our result proven framework: Discovery, Development and Digitalization, to ensure our people development solutions are delivered effectively. The pre-study and customization are the first step in the solution route map that help to identify the challenges and requirements of our customers. The program will be started based on the customised solution and a range of review and evaluation will be conducted to ensure trainees required skills are well developed and successfully adopted by the individual.

“The most successful talent developers are balancing today’s challenges with preparing employees for tomorrow’s opportunities.”

LinkedIn Learning



Module 1

Self Mastery
Key competencies you will gain:

  • Understand self before others.
  • Develop an individual roadmap that helps to propel to another level.
  • Develop effective work habits.
Building Effective Courages Communication
Key competencies you will gain:

  • Understand various communication style.
  • Enable participants to relate and connect well with people.
  • Discover ways to manage conflict and disagreements.

Module 2


Module 3

Leadership and Coaching Skills
Key competencies you will gain:

  • Understand the difference between managing and coaching.
  • Learn the skills and the objectives to be an effective coach.
  • Understand the concept of goal setting.
People and Performance Management
Key competencies you will gain:

  • Manage people more effectively.
  • Reduce conflict with proven management techniques.
  • Understand the effect of change.

Module 4


Module 5

Business Acumen
Key competencies you will gain:

  • Appreciate management’s decisions and strategic initiatives.
  • Make better business decisions.
  • Understand the business from Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR Perspectives.
Strategic and Analytical Thinking Skills
Key competencies you will gain:

  • Identify, utilise and analyse frameworks and models.
  • Generate and evaluate proposed strategic options.
  • Enhance participants ability to think analytically and creative.

Module 6


Team formation is a lengthy and complex process that requires deeper understanding and trust building among each other. I learnt how to become a better leader in managing people and assigning tasks because I also learnt that a supportive ecosystem drives high performance dynamic team.

Izzat Mazuki S&M Assistant Manager

Storming is my biggest challenge as we always ask why should I listen to the others? After the training, I learnt skills in recognizing each of my team member's strengths, building bond and trust with the team as well as giving supportive feedback instead of challenging each other. Now, we have a good progress of teamwork and we’re looking forward to the team achievements.

Addy Chee Innovation Research Team Lead

It was a very good opportunity for us to participate in this program with such a quality content, this probably takes 2 years to learn in a MBA course. The program itinerary was well-structured that had given us a good and effective learning experience.

Hafizul Technology Department
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