3 Simple Ways on How Any Organisation Can Win the Tech-Talent Battleground

Is your team future proof for the decade ahead? In the recent months, top CIOs and HRs are questioning and conducting surveys on deploying skills to transform their organisations. A pattern from this survey emerged; and top management realised that the need for flexibility, high productivity, reliability, value, speed and accuracy for business is alarmingly, […]

Top Five Tips of Fostering a Cybersecurity Culture

Is the efficiency of your staff affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic? Are you required to work from home? While doing so, are you aware of being exposed to cyber-attacks such as spam e-mails, unidentified website links or attachments from unknown senders to your mailbox? Lack of assistance from your office information technology (IT) personnel […]

How to Influence to Stand Out in a Crowd or Competition

Influence is the ability to persuade and get buy-in from others towards a cause that you believe in and want to act positively. This is very useful as our success will be built on working with people around us. It would be a challenge for us if we only rely on ourselves to get things […]

The Evolution of Challenges in People Management Today

It goes without saying that to find success, we first need to get the right people. Over the course of the professional world’s history, no organisation can proudly say that they never had any issues with managing people before. Digitalisation in a way made things easier to manage, but with Covid-19 now in the picture, […]