PEOPLElogy Goal

A subsidiary under Peoplelogy, PEOPLElogy Goal provides leadership skills, soft skills development and performance improvement solutions to all individual and companies through our extensive network of well qualified training professionals with diversified skills and experience. We offer a holistic approach in strengthening and developing organisations by creating innovative learning culture in the working environment. We provide professional support, high impact learning solutions to meet the current and future challenges of the organisation. PEOPLElogy Goal aim to achieve a culture of excellence by synergising individual & organisational goals.

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Goal mission and vision

Goal mission and vision

Our Vision
To inspire 1 million lives through people discovery, people development & people digitalization.

Our Mission
To stimulate people development towards successful achievement and career goals.

Peoplelogy Group

PEOPLElogy Group is a PEOPLE development solution provider with a passion in building successful organisation. We empower, develop and motivate people through our unique framework coupled with innovative learning modalities to kick-start their leadership, technical and professional skills to influence others and forge extraordinary teams. This also aligns with our national agenda of achieving 35% skilled local workers to reach the status of a knowledge society and a fully developed nation.