Over the last few years, especially post-pandemic, the definition of success at work has changed drastically.

Some would say success is contributing to the revenue of the company.

Managers would define success as building a flow of happiness, motivation, and productivity among their subordinates.

Millennials especially feel purposeful, mission-driven companies that have a positive influence on society as successful.

Ask yourself this question, how would you define success at workplace today?

You see, the answer changes with individuals, depending on which position you occupy at your organisation. If you are a manager, you most likely would want to manage your expenditures well or maintain team harmony. In contrast, if you are a junior executive, you would want to hit the ground running and rise up the ranks quickly.

But there is an underlying skill that directly helps all types of individuals to carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities and achieve whatever goals they set for themselves.

That’s Personal Effectiveness.

PEOPLElogy GOAL Soft Skills Programme
Are you a superhuman at work?

Personal Effectiveness is the most important skill you need to Succeed at your Workplace

For your general understanding, personal effectiveness means utilising your wide array of skillset, knowledge, talent, and energy to reach a set of goals in both your personal and subsequently, working life. Successful people never fail to use the resources at their disposal well to achieve their aims in the shortest time possible and with minimum waste.         

Here are some personal effectiveness traits successful people share:

  1. Self-Discovery: It is important to understand what drives you to wake up every day and go to work. Your strengths and weaknesses. What makes you behave a certain way. Successful people understand themselves well, hence why they succeed. Do you analyse yourself often?
  2. Effective Time-Management: The age-old trait that separates the wheat from the chaff. The careful management of time is what defines behemoths like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos from the average Tom, Dick and Harry.
  3. Persistence and Determination: The path to success is laced with challenges that appear in many forms, be it physical, emotional, mental or financial. Personally effective people are laser-focused on achieving what they set out to do, not caring in the slightest if they lose small battles, for their end goal is always winning the war.
  4. Creativity:   The ability to think out of the box has always been the definition of creativity. At the workplace, it can mean taking risks, streamlining strategy and productivity, and coming up with unique and innovative solutions to the daily tasks you face. The best part is creativity is a skill you can teach yourself and master.
  5. Self-Management: Life can get ugly at times, and the entire world might be crumbling under your feet, but effective people do not care in the slightest. For their happiness and motivation is intrinsic, so they do not let outside factors influence their life. So, find out, what motivates you and use it to conquer your work.

Do you exhibit all these traits? If yes, congratulations! You have what it takes to achieve tremendous success at your workplace.

If not, do not worry, we will be posting more articles, tips and videos on how you can improve your personal effectiveness. 🙂

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