Is your team future proof for the decade ahead?

In the recent months, top CIOs and HRs are questioning and conducting surveys on deploying skills to transform their organisations. A pattern from this survey emerged; and top management realised that the need for flexibility, high productivity, reliability, value, speed and accuracy for business is alarmingly, lacking.

Companies that are winning are the ones that, are the ones that identified necessary tech-talents needed at early stages at their present to ultimately skills to grow business further. An important question to you today is, are your team future proof to win in the tech-talent battleground?

A recent report from McKinsey has surveyed and spoke to hundreds of global CIOs and have reviewed up to 30 tech trends, a large sum of 4,000 tech skills were identified into the following seven ‘battleground’ high demand categories, such as cloud, automation, data management, cybersecurity, products and platforms, privacy and customer experience. The skill gaps have already existed for the last 3 years, but has become wider due to the current pandemic.

The time is now, that companies like yours will need to succeed in identifying strategies to meet the economy’s demand to double capitals and revenues.

Hire adaptable learners with a strong desire for progress

Rapidly identify key-areas of what skills are needed and deploy training to avoid technological disruptions while implementing business models and strategies

These days companies churn huge amount of data that is presented in figures, numbers and words, is this future forward? How about turning numbers into a simplified visual and still have data driven results? Courses and tools such as Power BI, Tableau Desktop, Qlik Sense and Microsoft Powerpoint (Infographics) has been invented to give the learners to win business tenders with impactful and impressive decks.

Because technology skills evolves so quicky, there is an urgency for any hiring manager to nurture an environment of learning, and this employee training is a crucial motivator for the talent’s success within the organisation too.

Create a reskilling and upskilling pathway for department within the organisations

Building talent skills is crucial and critical to your business model

Report from The World Economic Forum shares that in the year of 2022, 54 percent of employees will need to reskill and upskill. This year is not that far away, and not only our skills needs to be relevant for the work currently, but we will also need future proof with upskilling ourselves.

Case example; for a business key corporate account team to draw in consistent revenue, it is a must and need to impress their esteemed clients. The sales team will need to have business intelligence, presentation skills and visualisations tools to seal any business deal.

The path to create this opportunity for the sales team to reskill, helps the organisation to move towards making this team future-ready, after all studies from shows that, 28% organisation that uses data visualisation are likely to find information needed, 30% of people are more likely to send payment faster, when its prompted by visuals, 65% people retain visual information, 86% predicts visuals are important (2020-2021).

Budget training strategically

Your biggest investment is your people organisation

Training Industry Report, US has shared that there has been a reclination in training investment for the last 20 years. It shows that there is a delay in investment for skillset, which in turn caused a large skill shift and gap. Pre CoVID-19, perhaps your top management did not find the need to upskill internal talents, was working at a comfortable pace, with no urgency or worry, staff were siloed and carried heavy weights of possible complex matrix structures within the company.

Instead, yourself; decision makers, should focus on building a resilient learning ecosystem that is digital forward with easy accessibility to your employees (including cloud which acts as an in-sync wireless digital connectivity without the need to meet physically).

Moving forward post-Covid-19, companies that builds a foundation of becoming fitter, faster, flatter and far much better is future proof. How they do so? Is by reviewing their staffs’ skillsets and taking reinforcement business objectives temperatures. For a future-ready model to operate and achieve desired outcomes, models created for tech-talents, will need be nurtured and decision makers to be enablers or supporters.

Future-ready companies, such as Cisco’s Networking Academy offers IT training and skill development to help their talents to have better job opportunities and participants benefits for better career advancements.

Though faced with challenges and uncertainties during this postcrisis landscape. Future forward organisations that plan to expand their staffs’ mindset, will indirectly create new system for companies to work more efficiently and systematically.

Let us embrace the future, by strengthening our reskilling muscles for organisations to move towards business recovery and success. Future-ready yourself today.